Welcome to my blog. My name is Fariz Izhan and you can call me Fariz or Izhan or Abe. This is a quick post. Pardon my English for it is my second language.

I will blog about video games, foods, action figures, gadgets and anything that got me interested.

By the way, I didn’t include blogging about travel in purpose. Because it is the main content for this blog. I wanted it to get a better highlight. So, travelling is like something that keep my heart beating, adrenaline, thrills or something like that. Something that I will treasure the most.

..and as promised (on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), this is my previous short travel video to Bali, Indonesia.

It was nice and it was in February 2014. A short trip with my brother and friends. Great place for exploring Indonesian culture, surfing and locals. I will blog in details about Bali later.

Good day.

P/S: To my friends that already know me for previous years, and for them that knows what I’m in to. I’m really sorry for having a very long break. Lets get started again. 🙂

Fariz Izhan

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