I love and enjoy drawing in Procreate App with iPad. Easy to draw and painting as there are so many function that inspire you to make up some painting. I draw with my fingertips or you can get a very nice stylus to draw with.

Besides, I might save some trees or inks to draw. In the app, you can get more than 5 different brushes. Layers to control and colours to pick. It is not impossible to paint nicely.

Below is an example of my drawing for a friend on iPad;

What’s more is this app gives out a 4K resolution, which is a very high quality to print out for your friends as gifts. Best quality to share and sell.

You can see the result on the right side and the process on the left side in the picture below.

With only $4.99 for a whole creative package, it is totally worth it.

Fariz Izhan

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